Thoughts And Stories On How The Workspace Influences The Success Of A Startup With Ron McElroy

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New ideas and the entrepreneurs who have those ideas need a fertile ground to spread and grow. If the area you choose is too hard or without nourishment that alone could doom your idea to failure. Today we explore with a deep thinker what it take to grow a space which nourishes entrepreneurs and their ideas.

Workspace for young companies looks very different now then just a few years ago. Young adults graduate without a job so they start something inspiring and bring the only work style they know them. They need a space, a flexible space, which traditional office can’t offer.

In business everything had evolved except the office space, four walls, some glass and door.

About our Guest

Creaky elbows and rusty shoulder joints make it difficult for The Big Kahuna Ron McElroy to surf, let alone get through the line-up. Wave after wave pound Ron’s face, but a slight onset of dementia keeps him going. Meanwhile, Juniorboy, sitting on the beach, can’t keep the jokes flowing fast enough, “look braddah, he’s still wearing dah bus up kine rubbah slippas!”

If you exist in an environment where everybody is doing the same thing, where everybody is hitting obstacles, they’re not the same obstacles, but they are obstacles, then you realize this is the norm. This is what you have to do.

Ron previously established himself as a proficient Commercial Real Estate Broker specializing in office properties throughout the greater John Wayne market from 1983 through 1992. During this period Ron represented landlords like The Irvine Company, Prudential Realty, and Koll Company as well as companies like Exxon, AST Research and Mobil Oil. After a short stint trading oil futures and firearms with Syrian confidants, Ron launched REMC-Real Estate Management Corporation. Over the next fifteen years Ron’s standard for Class A buildings and premier office environments, anchored with uncompromised service, set the industry bar to a new level. Ron successfully sold the fourteen sites encompassing over 1,000 companies to Synergy Workplaces, a Broadway Partners subsidiary based out of New York.

Retired on the beaches of Hawaii and Mexico left Ron “plagued with thoughts of not doing enough,” he says in his book entitled Wrong Side of the Tracks ($12.95 for the book or $2.99 for the Kindle Edition, both on Amazon.com). “Street smart and restless,” like most University of California, Santa Barbara graduates, Ron jumped back into the game and established ROC—where he finds joy, yet again, in working 14-hour days and having his employees call him Puanani, or Beautiful Flower.

 Whatever a company needs, that’s what the workspace or office needs to provide.


Leadership Quote: the quotes which inspire our guest

“No matter how bad it is, it can always be worse.”

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

“If you are going to complain, people will listen and have sympathy for a while, but after a certain point either you make up your mind to change you life or change what your reality is or just accept it.”


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