Leadership Beyond the Edge with Theo Valich

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This time we talk about leadership beyond the worldwide thoughts of our prior shows. We’re exploring leadership in the new space race. Where do humans go next? Who is going? And how? Which government or country is taking the lead? Or is government and political stance even part of space development anymore?

 Leadership beyond the edge on today’s episode of Leadership Point Radio

What we want to do is very simple. Go to the moon. We’re not going to go against any other team. We’re simply going to do it. What the rest do, we do not care.

About our Guest

Theo Valich, focused on creating synergy between various industries, creating next-gen solutions.

Passionate about the new and emerging technologies. Work experience spans from game development and event organizing, editing magazine and on-line publications in Croatia, UK and USA to aerospace development.

“I do not believe in No.  And people on our team do not believe in no or can not be done.”

Leadership Quote: the quotes which inspire our guest

“Space is a challenge, not a frontier.” Unnamed Astronaut

“More people are using cell phones on this planet than toothbrushes. So communications are what is changing the world.”

“A lot of great ideas slow down when people get afraid of the success.  When things start to move real fast, do not get afraid because you might be crazy now, but, ten years from now you might change the world.”

Links in the Interview

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Team Stellar teamstellar.org





Planetary society planetary.org/

Mars One mars-one.com/

Plantary Resources planetaryresources.com


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