Mary Canady Talks about Grassroots Leadership in Science. LPR-108

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Leadership comes from many sources and angles. Grassroot movements based on passion is one of those sources. Today we talk about grassroots organizing for scientists with Mary Canady.

Mary Canady, Ph.D., is the founder of Comprendia, a firm specializing in helping biotechnology and life science companies grow through the creation, commercialization, and communication of value. Dr. Canady was a research scientist for ten years and worked for eight years in biotechnology marketing and business development at Life Technologies, EMD Millipore, and startup companies. In 2008, she founded Comprendia, leveraging social media to build an extensive network of 20,000 life science and biotechnology professionals. Comprendia relies on this social media expertise in working with more than 15 life science companies to help them engage with their customers, strengthen their online brand, and ultimately to thrive in the new media economy.

Leadership Quotes

“Leadersship is about creating change that you can believe in.”  Seth Godin, Tribes.

“Ultimately people are most easily lead where they want to go anyway.”, Seth Godin, Tribes.

“Dig your well before youa re thirsty.”  Seth Godin quoting common wisdom

“Everyone is now a leader.”  Seth Godin, Tribes.


Current Business

Comprendia Bioscience Consulting Group  comprendia.com. Comprendia specializes in creating integrated marketing solutions for life science and biotechnology companies that sell products and services to scientists.


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