Dave Chaudron on Organizational Change to Actually Make a Difference. Part B. LPR-107

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PART B.  Change is hard for most everyone. Dave Chaudron shows us how lead critical changes in an organization which have lasting success.

David has 30 years of practical experience working with a variety of manufacturing and service firms, assisting them in assessment, strategic planning, team-building and leadership development.  He has published over 15 practical articles on surveys, teamwork, re-engineering, TQM and organizational change and recently released books, “Nailing Strategy Jelly to your Business Tree: Plan the Future, Develop a Plan, Manage Change”,  “Master of all you Survey: How to use Surveys to improve Organizations, Teams and Leaders”, and “No More Darn Buzzwords: Keys to Successful Organized Change”. His national/international clients include those in manufacturing, banking, finance, telecommunications/cement, biopharma, petrochemicals, electronics and aerospace in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Brazil, Trinidad, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait. He has spoken at numerous national and local conferences and been a major speaker at internationally broadcast teleconferences to over 1,000,000 people on TQM , re-engineering, systems thinking and strategic planning.


Leadership Quote

“The Future is not what we thought it was.”


Current Business

Organized Change.  http://organizedchange.com.  Assessment, strategic planning, teambuilding and leadership development for manufacturing and service businesses.

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