Leadership in the DIY Space with Cameron Clarke

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Leadership develops over time and experience. Time to build ideas and dreams. If you are all about ideas pushing toward execution, then you will enjoy today’s interview of a world class idea traveler.

It’s an interview which takes us across four totally different industries and five continents.


A Southern California native raised in the Coachella Valley, Mr. Clarke’s current efforts are focused on developing open source technologies for algae-based bioremediation and genetic engineering. He recently visited the Salton Sea for the first time in 20 years, and was struck by the dramatic ecological and economic decline of the area.

The person that can lead while being open and fair will be the one who can leverage incredible resources.

He is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of transforming technical innovation into high impact applications. In 1994 he co-founded Visionary Information Systems Inc. VISI launched the modern electronic courtroom and changed the way attorneys litigate. In 2000 he founded Vodium, an internet-based video streaming, content management system with customers in government, healthcare, and financial services. His other ventures include Amazon-Mania USA, one of the original importers of Acai berry products from Brazil, and Delphi International Ent., an international steel trading firm.

He is a graduate of Stanford University and an active member of BioCurious, a community synthetic biology lab in the Silicon Valley, where he leads the algae research team.


Leadership Quotes

“Don’t let momentum set your course”  Cameron Clarke


Current Business

Blue Nomad Foundation Bluenomad.org


Resources and links mentioned in today’s interview

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Contact Cameron at:  mail(cameron@bluenomad.org)


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