Leadership Across 3 Continents with Kelvin Chan

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If you remember your early twenties you were probably still enjoying all night parties, wondering what to do with your life and how you could really change the world.

 I know I was.

Today’s guest, Kelvin Chan, still in his twenties, found his answers through creating a world-wide organization with tens of thousands members while still in school. Now he’s creating two more, one to connect up regions around the world for business, and another to fill a critical gap in the development of therapeutic medical treatments.

Stay with us here on Leadership Point Radio to hear more on this fascinating journey.

“Patience and understanding of the complete picture are critical components of working with a remote team.”

Kelvin is a Ph.D. candidate in Organic Chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute, USA, and a pre-doctoral fellow of A*STAR, Singapore. Apart from discovering and developing new synthetic methods to functionalize drug molecules, Kelvin has interests in business, entrepreneurship, and investing, with a focus on venture capital. He is a CONNECT Springboard Fellow, a writer for the Roundtable Review at Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR), and is on the Membership Committee for the San Diego Entrepreneurs Exchange (SDEE). Kelvin also launched the Scripps Consulting Club (SCC), an organization within The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) that provides graduate students and postdocs with the training and resources needed to pursue management consulting or business in science as a career. Kelvin received his B.A.(Hons) in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, and is a concertizing pianist.

Leadership Quote

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs

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Kelvin Chan  www.kelvinslchan.com or @CelsiusChan

OxBridge BioTech Roundtable   http://www.oxbridgebiotech.com

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