Gathering Personal Medical Data to Cure Disease with Kyle Brown

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This time we are talking about our personal experience with disease leading to truly effective, targeted treatments. This is a leadership idea at the painful intersection of medicine and society.

 We speak with Kyle Brown who founded Patient Crossroads to gather the true effects and cross pollinate cures for rare and common disease affecting everyone and their families.

 If you collect the data from patients in a common manner about cardio-vascular disease, now you can start looking at pan-disease and start finding some really interesting correlations between disease that you many not have ever realized.

About our Guest

Kyle founded PatientCrossroads in 2004. Kyle is a respected authority on rare disease patient registries and is a frequent speaker at research conferences educating the non-profit and research community on the need for universally accessible, de-identified patient information. Kyle’s passion is to change the economics of patient provided information from closed, proprietary access, to universally available self-funding programs that accelerate disease research.

Prior to PatientCrossroads, Kyle was a consultant to several pharmaceutical companies helping to streamline translational research programs through information technology. Kyle was the founder of Ignite Knowledge Management one of the first SaaS (Software as a Service) business now owned by British Telecom. He has a BS in Business Operations and Systems Management from Indiana University and has advised to the Life Sciences Information Technology Global Institute and One-Mind for Research.


Leadership Quote

“Bring all these disparate data points together so we can get a 360 view of an individual patient, the electronic health record, what the doctors says, what the patient says, and what the medical device says.”

“Taking a leadership role to make rare disease collected data open and visible to researchers.”


Links in the Interview

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