Edie Kay on Leadership in the Family Dynamic. LPR-103

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Dynamic and thought provoking interview with Edie Kay. She explores leadership in the family, in the relationship between adults and how to develop leadership with your children.

Edie Kay, founder of edk Coaching and Creator of “Simple Love. Simple Life.” – an online Transformational Coaching Program, is dedicated to helping people get MORE out of their relationships and get MORE out of life.

On her blog, in her private practice, and in her coaching programs, Edie provides individuals with the right tools, the right mindset, and the right habits to create and maintain an exceptional life.  Her solutions to today’s frustrations and challenges are simple, effective and action oriented.  Edie’s has an unparalleled ability to connect with her clients by being 100% authentic and transparent, which creates the level of trust and engagement necessary to affect real change. Read More

Joe Petrone Leadership is Larger than Sales. LPR-102

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We don’t often think of sales as a place of leadership except just about leading other to spend their money. Today will talk with Joe Petrone about real leadership to change the world for the better.  And he does it through sales.

Joe is an international commercial leader with a track record of transformational success over 20+ years working across various industries.  His most recent leadership and sales work is in the healthcare world.

He is clearly passionately believes that people are the key to extraordinary success.

Enjoy this surprising interview.

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