Before Interview

1.    Schedule your interview at

2.    Please email us these two items as soon as you can.
a.    The photo of you would like us to use.  Usually a head or head and torso photo.
b.    Your short bio.

3.    Prepare for the interview:
a.    Most everything happens easily during our chat. Because that is what it is, a chat among friends.  We ask you to prepare a few things though.
b.    Please be ready with a favorite quote.
c.    Please be ready with a book you recommend.
d.    We might also ask for a resource you recommend for the audience.

4.    Do you have a specific questions or ideas you want to be sure come out in the interview?  Please send them in at least 2 days before our scheduled interview.


[ez_box title=”Studio Interview Special Instruction” color=”blue”]

Basically, come as you are and enjoy the process.

Our studio interviews are recorded at the ROC facility in La Jolla.
4225 Executive Square, Suite 600, La Jolla, CA 92037

Check in with reception and they will guide you to the interview at your time.


Remote Interview (call-in) Special Instructions

If your interview is planned using digital call-in technology, you will need a microphone. Details below. Call-in sessions are pretty easy; no need to even dress up. (Really, I’ve had people right from a gym session show up with messy hair and sweats on!)  We do use the video to be friendly, but only record the audio.

1.    Headset: Headsets work best for an interview because we need high quality sound for broadcast.

If you have a computer or gaming headset it should work fine.  A USB head set works well for today’s computers. Logitech has several excellent models for a low price on Amazon.

A laptop built-in microphone is very noisy, picks up too much room sound and makes a low quality recording.  The main issue is to have a mic separate from the computer and dedicated to you. So you pros with your Blue Yeti, Heil-PR40, and other serious mics. We’re good..

2.    Send us your Skype user name and we will send you an invite for the session.  If you don’t have a Skype account, they are free at  Great way to connect to the world for free. If you have a Google+ account, please let us know that, too. We’re in the process of switching to Google+ for interviews.

Day of Interview

1.    The interview period lasts an hour, occasionally a bit longer.  Interviews are scheduled back to back so we normally finish up on time.
2.    The hour starts with checking in and sound setup. Next we’ll review the interview topics and pacing. Finally, the actual interview time is 30 minutes. But, the truth is we begin having fun right away and start exploring all sorts of new topics which is why we plan an hour with you.

3.    Be ready with any follow up contacts or information you want to share with the listeners.  This is not required, but if you want interested people to contact you, here is your chance.  You can provide links, email, facebook, or phone.  Your choice entirely.

4.    Relax  – Everyone has a great time.

After the Interview

1.    When the edited interview is ready, we’ll provide you with the public link.

2.    We’ll also send you a copy of the edited, completed interview.  You can do whatever you wish with the recording.  Sell it, give it away, include it in a course, transcribe it, show it to your friends and family, use it to help you get a job, a client or sell a book.  That’s what we might do with it, too.

The only thing you can’t do, without asking us first, is to broadcast the interview since that’s our intent for the interview.  That’s our job, after all.

3.    Hope you send people to the interview link.  We’d love for you to comment and respond to other’s comments on the post page.

Thanks again for your thoughts, stories and inspiration for so many.


Any questions just reach out to us at: