Leadership Point Radio, LPR, is a new concept in radio charging ahead to raise the level of leadership in today’s corporate and nonprofit worlds. Offered through a simple format of interviews with leaders, folks who study leaders, and those who have been led by great leaders, bringing out the heart and soul of leadership working in today’s multi-tasking, multi-layered society.

Leadership Point Radio is designed as a weekly program broadcast. What better chance to hear from and talk with your leading hero?

Leaders are also on the edge of the ideas which change the world.

Join us to share stories and techniques from our guests. Then go on to improve your own ability to lead in your life and organizations using the concepts discussed with the show’s leading authorities.

“Leaders grow leaders.”

About our Host: Steve Scott

Yep, it’s me Steve Scott and I must tell you I’ve been really lucky to lead a very interesting life.

Early on luck led me to many adventures in internationally mountaineering. It’s tough learning to lead a bunch of people over hard rock and ice. I certainly learned the meaning of “carry your own weight” when it was actually in my 80+ pound backpack. Even more important was learning to trust, and train, my team mates. Our live were literally in each others hands.

Then I discovered the corporate world. Good grief, everyone has their own opinion and it’s a whole ‘nother world of leadership. Well, it worked, because I figured out how to lead enough that I was selected as CEO six time. Sat on a bunch of boards, too. Raised more money than some banks and figured out what strategies will get to the finish line. Ok, messed it up sometimes, too.

Now I want to share the inspiration which drove me.

Speaking to leaders, big names and common folks, is a dream come true for me. Thank you for letting me and everyone at LPR into your lives every week.

Let me know what you think and share your quest for leadership.


 LPR moves to a New Studio at the ROC Center in La Jolla