Walking The Halls Of Congressional Power, Politics And Purpose With Congressman Jim Bates

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jim-batesToday we speak with a gentleman who has walked with the greats in the halls of power. From the marine corp to congress he has maintained his own style and life philosophy. Stay with us for a deeper look inside the mind and machinations of politics, power and purpose.

Former congressman Jim Bates reveals the ways of national leadership and politics from the big view.

 “It’s not what happens to us, but how we deal with it.”

About our Guest

Jim Bates (born July 21, 1941) is a former Democratic politician from San Diego, California. He served four terms in the United States House of Representatives, 1983–1991.

Bates was born in Denver, Colorado, and graduated from East High School (Denver) in 1959. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 1959, and served in the Corps until 1963. Relocating to San Diego, Bates became a banker and later a businessman in the aerospace industry.

“Having the courage of your convictions and doing something about is the essence of life.”

Bates was elected to the San Diego city council in 1971 and served until 1974. He was elected chairman of the San Diego County board of supervisors in 1974, and held the position until 1982. At the time he was the youngest chairman of the Board. While serving (1975) he obtained his bachelors degree from San Diego State University.

Bates resigned from the board to run for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, representing California’s newly created 44th Congressional District. His district was created after the 1980 census round of redistricting as the most Democratic district in the San Diego area; it included much of the territory represented for 18 years by Lionel Van Deerlin before his defeat by Duncan Hunter. Bates was easily re elected in 1984, 1986, and 1988.

“The political process is corrupting process. It is fed by a tremendous amount of money that is poured into the system to run for office… It’s a system that needs to be changed.

This is in the campaign. Most members don’t succumb to putting money in their own pocket or bribery.

It affects their judgment over time, they become supporters of those who support them in their campaigns instead of the public interest.”

Leadership Quote: the quotes which inspire our guest

“What is life and what is hell,
I ask many but none can tell,
Life is each man
And hell within him too
That’s what life is
It’s up to you.”

Jim Bates as a Marine at 17.

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