Motivating and Leading Thousands of Employees with Salvador Barra

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Salvador BarraSo many times in our dreams we see ourselves leading big organizations. What is interesting about today’s guest is that he never had that dream. But he’s lived the dream anyway. We’ll explore leading multi-national companies with thousands of employees because you were just who was needed at the that right time.

 “Leadership is leading people. Not leading projects. Not leading companies. Not leading businesses. It’s leading people and through people is how we will be able to accomplish anything. ”

About our Guest

Salvador Barra
Born in Mexico City, son of Mexican mother Clara, Chilean father Pedro and brother to Sylvia.
Pre-University school gave me two great assets for my professional career, discipline and English as a second language.
Bachelor in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, graduated with honors at the National University of Mexico. Master in Computer Science complete program but no degree obtained.
Along 12 years I had the opportunity to work at 5 different software companies, going from
Technical Manager to Managing Director of two subsidiaries. I was part of the startup of Oracle in Mexico and responsible for opening and managing Progress Software Mexico as well.
Since 1996 until recently retired I worked at TELMEX (Mexican Telecomm Incumbent) fulfilling different roles as a direct report to CEO:
Created from scratch and operated a Product Development department, establishing methodology and processes. Moved to Product Marketing to lead the launch of Long Distance Calling Plans, Internet Service and Corporate Data Networks Services within many other products. With CFO executed a US and Europe Road Shows to sell $2.8B USD worth of France Telecom stake in Telmex and to sell $1BUSD bond in the US market.
As Human Resources VP (2001-2011) obtained an ISO9000 certification for the Training Institute delivering 80,000+ trained employees per year, established and Executive Bench management practice, introduced Behavioral Event Interviewing method for recruiting and more.
Board member and President for Telvista, Inc. (2008-2014) a subsidiary Call Center business operating in the US and Mexico, with 6,500+ seats providing Customer Service, Technical Support, Sales and Social Network for more than 30 Fortune 500+ US and Mexican enterprises. US branch turned from Loss to 5% Net Income and 15% EBITDA, achieving 200 MUSD for the first time in company history.
President of Telnor (2011-2014) subsidiary of Telmex providing full range of Telecomm services for the Baja California Residential, SME and Corporate markets. Achieved 6.5%
Revenue CAGR and consistent 20%+ EBITDA margin. Established a Client Centric culture obtaining 65% NPS and 75% Customer Satisfaction scores, highest amongst all Telecommunications providers in Mexico.
Married to Reyna with sons Mauricio (Engineer & MBA), Dania (Doctor), Clara (High School) and Regin (Middle School).
Hobbies include listening music, enjoying dogs, movies with family and supporting daughters at school.

Leadership Quote: the quotes which inspire our guest

If you allow things to drift on their own, they will go from bad to worse.

“If you are going to do something do it right the first time. Or don’t do it at all.”  Salvador Barra’s mother.

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