Growing Leadership with Purpose, Structure and Intent with Stan Sewitch

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Stan SewitchKnown for his deep thoughts on building corporate leadership, our guest is really a rockstar. A VC/Private Equity guy. A martial arts instructor. And a psychologist. Bring all these diverse ideas together and you will see leading edge ideas which work in the field for running a company, growing every employee in the business and maintaining your ethics, too.

We talk today with WD-40’s, Vice President of Global Organization Development, Stan Sewitch.

 A leader is someone who is accountable for what other people do. And accountable for what their work experience is and accountable for providing them opportunities for development.

About our Guest

Sewitch is an entrepreneur and business psychologist. He’s founded four companies ranging from molecular diagnostics to private equity. He serves as the vice president of global organization development for WD-40 Company.


“Leadership will be faced with hunter gatherer mentality coupled with our ability to control our environment through technologies that we generally don’t have the ability to comprehend as a population. ”


“Invest in people who invest in themselves and you don’t have to worry about if your investment is going to be returned to you.

Invest in people with a reward to get them to do something you want and they will learn to withhold that behavior until you reward them.

Invest in people because you want them to feel gratitude, and you will engender resentment and a sense of obligation.”


Leadership Quote: the quotes which inspire our guest

“I don’t believe half the things I think.”  Roy Alvin Barron


Links in the Interview

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