Motivating and Leading Thousands of Employees with Salvador Barra

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Salvador BarraSo many times in our dreams we see ourselves leading big organizations. What is interesting about today’s guest is that he never had that dream. But he’s lived the dream anyway. We’ll explore leading multi-national companies with thousands of employees because you were just who was needed at the that right time.

 “Leadership is leading people. Not leading projects. Not leading companies. Not leading businesses. It’s leading people and through people is how we will be able to accomplish anything. ” Read More

Moving Business Forward By Empowering The World’s Top Consultants With Chris Mason

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chris_masonLife and Philosophy of a Global Meta Consultant

Wouldn’t you like to become a world traveler with  audiences gathering to hear your every thought? How about if you ran a few large industrial companies at the same time? All while building a leading world-wide consulting practice? Today’s guest is all that and he’s here to tell his story on how leadership in thought and action makes the difference.

 “An employee who thinks his education is finished is finished.” Read More

Walking The Halls Of Congressional Power, Politics And Purpose With Congressman Jim Bates

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jim-batesToday we speak with a gentleman who has walked with the greats in the halls of power. From the marine corp to congress he has maintained his own style and life philosophy. Stay with us for a deeper look inside the mind and machinations of politics, power and purpose.

Former congressman Jim Bates reveals the ways of national leadership and politics from the big view.

 “It’s not what happens to us, but how we deal with it.” Read More

The Joy of Conscious Capitalism with R. Michael Anderson

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RMichaelAndersonAsk yourself this question: do I have joy in my life? Sure you are successful. You are a leader. But, really can you say you get joy in your leadership role?

We explore that question as we talk about executives finding fulfillment for themselves, their employees, business and customers by practicing conscious capitalism.

 “When you are true to your purpose, then, the profits will come.” Read More

Seven Disciplines of a Leader with Jeff Wolf

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jeffwolfIt’s rare to find effective advise, which is hard won in the halls of leadership today. In this episode we explore how we all can up our skills, practice and effectiveness across the seven most critical functions of leadership. We talk with executive coach, consultant, speaker and the author of the new book, Seven Disciplines of a Leader, Jeff Wolf.

 If you are leading a group of people they are looking for some who has a vision, that’s going to inspire them, that’s going to motivate them. If you are doing the tactical work everyday, you won’t be able to do that. Read More

Growing Leadership with Purpose, Structure and Intent with Stan Sewitch

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Stan SewitchKnown for his deep thoughts on building corporate leadership, our guest is really a rockstar. A VC/Private Equity guy. A martial arts instructor. And a psychologist. Bring all these diverse ideas together and you will see leading edge ideas which work in the field for running a company, growing every employee in the business and maintaining your ethics, too.

We talk today with WD-40’s, Vice President of Global Organization Development, Stan Sewitch.

 A leader is someone who is accountable for what other people do. And accountable for what their work experience is and accountable for providing them opportunities for development. Read More

Setting your Emerging Company up for Success with Bill Eigner

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bill-eignerLeadership is not just about the person who is in charge. Leadership is also about the environment and conditions which allow leaders to flourish with their ideas, products and organizations. Today on Leadership Point Radio we explore leadership of emerging companies from the viewpoint of advisors. If you want to know how to start, fund and reach success with your company stay with us.

We’ll explore practical fund raising business structure ideas from our guest, Bill Eigner, known as the go-to-guy for start-ups.


On meeting investors: it’s not so much who do you meet. The question is who do they meet. Who do they see when they see you as the entrepreneur? Read More

Leadership Beyond the Edge with Theo Valich

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This time we talk about leadership beyond the worldwide thoughts of our prior shows. We’re exploring leadership in the new space race. Where do humans go next? Who is going? And how? Which government or country is taking the lead? Or is government and political stance even part of space development anymore?

 Leadership beyond the edge on today’s episode of Leadership Point Radio

What we want to do is very simple. Go to the moon. We’re not going to go against any other team. We’re simply going to do it. What the rest do, we do not care. Read More

Thoughts And Stories On How The Workspace Influences The Success Of A Startup With Ron McElroy

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New ideas and the entrepreneurs who have those ideas need a fertile ground to spread and grow. If the area you choose is too hard or without nourishment that alone could doom your idea to failure. Today we explore with a deep thinker what it take to grow a space which nourishes entrepreneurs and their ideas.

Workspace for young companies looks very different now then just a few years ago. Young adults graduate without a job so they start something inspiring and bring the only work style they know them. They need a space, a flexible space, which traditional office can’t offer.

In business everything had evolved except the office space, four walls, some glass and door. Read More

Inside Look at Leadership in Biotech and Health Care at BIO International Conference with Joe Panetta

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Continuing with our series on biotechnology and healthcare, this week we look at San Diego’s role in international and American medical innovation. San Diego hosts the major international biotech conference this year. We’ll explore who is coming, what these leaders are talking about and why it’s important to the future of healthcare for all of us.

You get up everyday in this industry because you have the opportunity to improve someone’s quality of life and potentially improve someone’s health.

Read More